Bike Accessories

It's all about the little things that make up the ride—key bike accessories like water bottles and cages, or tools and apparel. Ritchey bike accessories are as honest as the legendary bicycle components that bear the same name. Whether it’s the feature-packed CPR12+ multi-tool or the simple valve extender, Ritchey accessories fit the need of every cyclist.

bike accessories


It's the details that separate good gravel bike adventures from great gravel bike adventures. Ritchey offers a wide selection of those small pieces or essential additions that are such important accompaniments for your gravel bike and your next trip. With wise accessories like the CPR12+ multi-tool or a tire lever that fits inside the end of your VentureMax bar, we've got you covered.



If there's one thing Tom doesn't want to do, it's take his bike to a shop during a ride for a minor repair. Ritchey accessories offer the convenience and confidence that long (and short) rides demand—from roadside repair aids to bottle cages that hold tight over the most mixed terrain. Practical and critical, Ritchey road bike accessories keep you pedaling.



Some of the most surprising innovations Tom made were due to the strict demands of mountain biking and the early days of MTB racing. Many mountain bike accessories from Ritchey are born from simple needs that have evolved into sophisticated resources. Necessity, creativity and enhancing your ride experience are at the core of all Ritchey mountain bike accessories.



Make sure you're prepared for your next cyclocross cross race or upcoming bicycle adventure. Have the details dialed and ensure you have everything you need. Ritchey offers a wide array of those critical small pieces and essential additions needed for your 'cross racing demands and off-road riding needs.