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When creating tread profiles for the first Ritchey tires, Tom looked at the way tires wore down to identify where they needed tread the most. The result of this observation is Vector Force Analysis, an approach that had been used in car tire design, but never before with bicycles. From VFA, Tom designed some of the more iconic Ritchey tires, including the Olympic- and world championship-proven SpeedMax and Z-Max treads. Now with robust Stronghold casing and tubeless-ready beads, Ritchey tires are some of the most engaging tires on the market today.

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A pioneer in Vector Force Analysis (VFA) in tire tread design, Tom Ritchey noticed how stock moto tread wore irregularly, and he developed VFA to create treads specific to rotation direction, front or rear, and application. Going strong for more than 30 years, VFA is at the core of all Ritchey gravel tires. Matched with Stronghold and tubeless casing, Ritchey tires are the surefire choice for the most questionable terrain.



For the past few decades, Ritchey has been designing and developing some of the world’s most popular and successful bicycle tires. Proven in the world’s most famous races and enjoyed by legions of passionate cyclists every day, Ritchey road bike tires offer reliable, comfortable and high-end performance.



Ritchey mountain bike tires have won more World Cup races than any other tire on the market. Decades of research, testing and input from the world's most successful mountain bike racers have resulted in a line of legendary tires that deliver on the promise of control, confidence and performance. Ritchey MTB tires are fundamental in your pursuit of an extraordinary mountain bike ride or in your efforts to reach the podium at the next race.



There is no tougher proving ground for a cyclocross tire than the rutted mud 'cross courses in Belgium. Ritchey Cross tires have been carving through the cold slop in the Flemish countryside since Thomas Frischknecht's early days as a Ritchey sponsored rider. Today, Ritchey cyclocross tires excel at every manner of 'cross racing—from bone-dry-dusty hard pack, to knee deep mud where shoes are lost forever if you tumble off your bike.