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  1. Two Beers with Ritchey - Episode 10

    Two Beers with Ritchey Episode 10

    Happy 2022! Two Beers with Ritchey returns! This episode is full of talk about...Butting. Stack height. Miller High Life. Singlespeeds? Tom's favorite road. And more! Let's get to it!

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  2. Seeking Redemption For Lost Rides

    Ride Redemption - Ritchey

    After an aborted attempt to conquer the Arctic Circle Trail by fat bike in 2019 and emerging from 18 months of Covid19 restrictions, Joel seeks some redemption on a local bikepacking trip.

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  3. How To Exhibit Proper Cyclocross (Spectating) Technique

    How To Exhibit Proper Cyclocross (Spectating) Technique

    We're overjoyed that cyclocross is back! We're sure you are, too. But maybe you need a refresher on how to best enjoy watching some 'cross? Here are some tips on how to exhibit proper cyclocross fan etiquette.

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  4. A One-Man Mission Of a European Rider in US Cyclocross

    Gosse Van Der Meer - Ritchey

    Ritchey-supported rider Gosse van der Meer is spending the first part of his cyclocross season racing in the United States rather than in Europe. Here's the story in his own words.

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  5. To ‘cross or not to ‘cross

    To ‘cross or not to ‘cross

    Is bike racing a good ride spoiled? Klaus decides to head out to the cyclocross course for some soul searching to see if racing truly, "would simply get in the way of the inherent fun of bike riding."

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  6. Ritchey Bike Check: Ben Frederick's Small Monsters Swiss Cross

    Ben Frederick's Small Monsters Ritchey Swiss Cross

    Ritchey factory rider Ben Frederick shows off his Small Monsters Special Edition Ritchey Swiss Cross that he will be racing for the 2021/22 cyclocross season.

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  7. Friday Lunches, Commuting by Bike, and Nude Beach Interactions

    Pandemic bicycle commute in Seattle

    Klaus shares a cycling tale about lunch with a co-worker, riding into the city, and waving at the guy at the nude beach. These are his lessons learned during the pandemic.

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  8. What I learned riding my bike 1000 kilometers

    What I learned riding my bik 100km

    Thomas sets out to race his bike 1000 kilometers through France. As he prepares for, and conquers, his adventure, he learns a lot about what's inside of us and what it takes to complete such a mission. Read on!

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  9. Introducing the 2021 Ritchey Ascent

    The 2021 Ritchey Ascent

    Way back in 2015, the original Ritchey Ascent was one of the first true gravel/bikepacking rigs presented to the market. Today, we're thrilled to announce a new Ascent for 2021. The new Ascent builds upon the original bike by adding updates for the modern demands of bikepacking and adventure riding. Check it out!

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  10. Why Are Cycling Product Prices Rising?

    Why Are Cycling Product Prices Rising?

    With the welcome increase in the popularity of cycling around the globe comes some unwelcome delivery delays - and now price increases. Here's a look at what's affecting the current situation for Ritchey.

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