I recently stumbled upon this photo of a 1987 Ritchey Timber Comp mountain bike.

Excited by the enthusiasm the owner had in his photo caption...along with the praise he received in the photo comments, I reached out to Scott to get the full story on the bike.

Turns out that Scott Seery purchased this mountain bike from Mammoth Sporting Goods while he was at the Worlds in 1987.  He learned the ropes of the sport while on this bike over many years - racing, trail riding, crashing "hard and heavy".  He even took this one out for a loaded tour with a couple friends in the Green Mountains of Vermont in October of 1989.

Around 1992, Scott managed to upgrade the Timber Comp with WCS components as they appeared on the market. He had already converted it to a 2x7-speed in '89.

Recently, Scott dusted this beauty off and got out for a ride at Joaquin Miller and then posted the photo that I found on the web.

Scott talks about this day/ride.  "I had forgotten how well this bike fit me. I even cleaned the sketchy, steep, uphill pitch on Sunset Trail, a great feat in dry conditions. Perhaps it was the audience of hikers that gave me the boost to hang in as the rear Z-Max scratched for traction. Man, I love this bike all over again."

Thanks for sharing your story with us Scott - The bike looks amazing!