Tom recently re-discovered a few photos...the memories run deep with these.

When Tom was just 13 years old, he needed some wheels to get around town. He welded this frame with his father's supervision, powered it with an electric motor and then screamed around Palo Alto, CA for years with his buddies.

Next, is a great photo of Tom and his dear friend, Jobst Brandt on one of their MANY epic rides. Jobst's favorite rides involved many trails connecting sections of road, something Tom learned from him and still incorporates on many of his daily rides.  This one is from 1982 at the top of Sierra Pass, CA.

Lastly, Tom's office from back in 1981. There were a few chickens running around the office, this one had a love for the warm papers that the fax machine would shoot out. The chicken would often repay Tom for the warmth by leaving him a fresh egg as a gift.