1. Top Tips for Your First Cyclocross Race

    Top Tips for Your First Cyclocross Race

    That’s right. #CrossIsComing. You’ve likely watched this exciting cycling discipline develop over the years, and you’ve found it incredibly interesting. Is this the season that you finally dip your toe into the mud and suffering of this painfully beautiful sport by moving beyond spectating? Are you ready to participate? If so, here’s a collection of tips and ideas for your first cyclocross race.

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  2. Cyclocross is for Everyone, Including Girls

    Cyclocross is for Everyone, Including Girls

    I will not claim to know everything (or anything, for that matter) about child development or perfect cyclocross pedagogy. I do, however, know the concrete and subtle challenges that women and girls in the sport of cycling can face when they are trying to achieve their goals. 

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  3. Six Secrets for Successful Cyclocross from Adam Myerson

    Six Secrets for Successful Cyclocross from Adam Myerson

    Believe it or not, after 30 years of racing ‘cross, almost 20 years of coaching, and who knows how many camps, clinics, and articles, no one has ever asked me to write down my six most important tips before. I’m almost hesitant to do it, because I’m essentially giving away information I make a living selling to people. But Ritchey is a great company and sponsor of mine, and since they asked, I’m happy to provide it.

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  4. Brian Vernor takes on a Legend: Yorkshire, England's Three Peaks Cyclocross Race

    Brian Vernor takes on a Legend:  Yorkshire, England's Three Peaks Cyclocross Race

    Brian Vernor is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, photographer, artist and storyteller. More than anything, he’'s a cyclocross racer. Here he talks about his experience tackling one of the most infamous cycling events of any discipline: Three Peaks Cyclocross Race.

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  5. Swiss Cross Action

    In a sensational sprint Marcel Wildhaber captures the silver medal at Swiss cyclo cross nationals. His second medal in only 6 month! swiss-cx-national-2014-2 The SCOTT-Odlo MTB Racing Team started well into the 2014 racing campaign. Thanks to Marcel Wildhaber we already saw a first highlight at the cyclo-cross national championship in Busnang. In an exciting sprint finish he won the silver medal only 2 seconds behind the new champion Lukas Flückiger (BMC). The other two team riders Florian Vogel and Andri Frischknecht also showed good performances finishing both in 6th place. From the beginning it was an open game. Non of the favorite such as defending champion Julien Taramarcaz or Simon Zahn
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  6. Rough Riding in the LA Times

    "I love my Breakaway: it's seen duty from Ironman Triathlons
    to dirt road epics and everything in between!" - Chris

    I am deeply honored to have been featured in a special Health section of the LA Times right after the New Year. I made a point of riding my road bike on one of my favorite fire roads above Brentwood for the photo shoot, which was on December 13, 2007.

    Chris Kostman

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  7. I love my Break-Away bike!

    Dear Ritchey,

    I just wanted to tell you guys at Ritchey how much I love my Break-Away bike! With a travel schedule of about 40% of the time, I find myself looking forward to business trips more then ever. I've owned a Break-Away for several years and I could not have won numerous Masters Nationals titles without this bike.

    I even leave early so I can ride with friends around the country or when I travel to Spain for my wine importing business. The benefits go beyond not being required to pay airline fees, maintaining fitness, & scenic riding. I can put my bike together in about 10 minutes and be out the door in less time then it would take to find a gym and ride some out of date exercise bicycle. I've even done some training races on it.


    Michael Hu
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