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  1. 2018 Ritchey Holiday Gift Guide

    2018 Ritchey Holiday Gift Guide

    Looking for the perfect gift for that special cyclist in your life? Or maybe you just want to give yourself a little something because, you know, you deserve it for all the hard work you've done this year. Either way, here's a list of some great Ritchey goods that we think will make great gifts!

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  2. Jenny Graham - Cycling Around the World in Record Time

    Jenny Graham - Cycling Around the World in Record Time

    Jenny Graham recently finished an amazing, record-breaking ride around the world. She was nice enough to take the time to talk about her motivation, how she maintained that motivation, and what it's like to ride 18,400 miles around the world in only 124 days.

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  3. Preparing to Ride the Japanese Odyssey

    Preparing to Ride the Japanese Odyssey

    Photographer James Robertson recently won the opportunity to travel to Japan to ride the Japanese Odyssey, a 10-day bikepacking adventure around the country. He'll be riding a Ritchey Outback that's outfitted with Apidura packs and he'll be wearing 7mesh cycling apparel. Here's a brief conversation with him.

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  4. Eight Great Gravel Bike Events in Europe

    Eight Great Gravel Bike Events in Europe

    Gravel riding and racing isn't just for the United States. Some seriously great gravel events have emerged in Europe, and we couldn't be more excited. Here's a collection of eight of our favorite gravel events in and around Europe!

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  5. A Welcome Travel Companion

    A Welcome Travel Companion

    After one too many negative (and expensive) encounters with a desk agent at the airport, H. Vollert immediately decided the Ritchey Break-Away road bike is what he needed. So far he's spent three years traversing the globe—able to ride anywhere he wants.

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  6. Five Bikepacking Tips for a Great Adventure

    Five Bikepacking Tips for a Great Adventure

    It makes complete sense to want to make the most of our time outside when conditions are good. Why turn around half way through the day? The great thing about bikepacking is how liberating it is. The distance you can cover, and places you can explore are instantly opened up to far beyond where your legs can carry you during the course of a single day. In this piece, Tom Hill offers us a practical guide for how to prepare, and enjoy, your bikepacking adventures.

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  7. Tom's Gravel Ride at Eurobike

    Tom's Gravel Ride at Eurobike

    This is the story about a beautiful multi-surface escape from the hustle and hassle of the Eurobike show floor. In August of 2017, an exclusive group of cyclists had the opportunity of a lifetime: a 30km multi-surface ride along with Tom Ritchey.

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  8. Vernor Cycling Touring Tips

    Vernor Cycling Touring Tips

    It's safe to say Brian Vernor has traveled his fair share of the world - often documenting his experiences through photos in such a way that the viewer is compelled by the flowing landscape or moving city without the need for words. When he speaks of his trips, it's casual - not flippant or glib. It’'s with an ease that one would suspect even the worst moments are worth more than their weight in gold. We were able to catch up with Brian after a trip he made to Chile in the summer of last year and hear his take on traveling and what lures him to keep moving.

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    We teamed up with Ornot Clothing and Stinner frameworks on this beautiful collaboration that features our coming soon late tapered disc fork and over-sized external lower headset.

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  10. Jay on traveling and cycling in Ecuador

    Jay on traveling and cycling in Ecuador

    Earlier this year, Jay Ritchey took a trip with his wife to Ecuador for some light bike packing and adventure riding. To test out our new Ascent, we decided to send it along with him for a little adventure of its own. Here's his story:

    My wife works in health care and looks for opportunities to improve her medical Spanish. Last year she went to Costa Rica and this year she found an opportunity to shadow in a hospital in Cuenca, Ecuador. The more we read about the area the more it appealed to us? an old bustling colonial town, resting at 8,000ft just East of the Occidental Andes. I began flying over the area on Google Earth. I was looking for dirt roads leaving the city and escaping to higher elevations. The topography lead me towards

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