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  1. Ritchey Staff Local Rides - Jeff Lockwood

    Ritchey Staff Local Rides - Jeff Lockwood

    Ritchey international marketing manager Jeff Lockwood shares how he connected a few local rides in and around Antwerp, Belgium in an effort to keep the blood flowing and the mind engaged during the pandemic lockdowns.

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  2. Ritchey 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Ritchey 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

    Ready or not, the Holidays are here! Thankfully, your friendly staff of Ritchey Holiday Experts has assembled a collection of products that we would, personally, like to unwrap this holiday season. And if we like them, we're confident you'll like them, too.

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  3. Thomas Frischknecht on what to bring bikepacking

    Frischi - Ritchey P-21

    Someone recently asked Thomas Frischknecht what to bring on a multi-day bikepacking trip. Seeing as he just did such an adventure from Switzerland to Italy, he has some ideas. Here he advises us in both words and images on what to bring bikepacking.

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  4. Strength in Solitude

    Ritchey - Rebecca Gross

    Professional cyclocross and mountain bike racer Rebecca Gross takes a mindful look inward to contemplate how cycling can spark new significance for everyone amid the pandemic.

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  5. Do I need a gravel, mountain, or road bike for commuting?

    Ritchey Commuter Bicycle

    Bike commuting is a solution to new norms for existing in a new world. Here we’ll go over three types of bikes and what kind of commuting they are best for. 

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  6. Why we “steel” prefer steel bikes

    Ritchey Steel is Real

    Steel’s appeal as a bicycle frame material is alive and thriving thanks to its versatility, craftsmanship, and durability. But don’t take our word for it, listen to these Fans of Steel…

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  7. A Big Dumb Ridiculous Ride, or How to Ride a Bike Further Than You Should

    A Big Dumb Ridiculous Ride, or How to Ride a Bike Further Than You Should

    For the past 5 years, as long as we have been a team, we make our way to the Northern tip of California's Central Valley to ride Highway 36 from the town of Red Bluff to coastal Fortuna and back over a weekend. Seemingly a straight shot on paper, the ride is anything but simple. Cresting two major passes along the undulating rural highway, the ride is often a mediation on our strengths and weaknesses.

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  8. The Best Gravel Rides

    The Best Gravel Rides

    Just a couple of years ago, the gravel riding and racing scene was small - it was easy to choose some killer events to attend. These days there are tons of gravel rides to choose from. Here are Ritchey's choices for where to roll your gravel tires this year.

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  9. Interview: Thomas Frischknecht

    Interview: Thomas Frischknecht

    Thomas Frischknecht on “Frischi,” losing to cheaters, how he scouts talent, his Olympic predictions, and about a relationship with Ritchey that’s lasted 30 years.

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  10. How and when to ride in your bicycle the dark

    How and when to ride in your bicycle the dark

    While you might be enjoying that extra hour of sleep now that the clocks have changed, you might lament the sun's escape a bit earlier in the day. Not happy with less riding time? Well, darkness shouldn’t extinguish your cycling routine! Here are some tips and ideas about riding at night!

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