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  1. Ritchey Ambassador Local Rides - Josh Ibbett

    Josh Ibbett - Ritchey

    Ritchey Ambassador Local Rides is a new series here on the Ritchey Blog where Ritchey ambassadors from around the world give us a little glimpse into their favorite local rides. First up: bikepacking legend Josh Ibbett!

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  2. 500km To Go

    Ritchey Road Logic Ltd Edition

    Finally free to ride beyond the boundaries of his hometown after COVID-19 restrictions eased in France, Thomas set out to honor a deceased loved one with a 500-kilometer ride on a route in the shape of a heart. Here's his story.

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  3. Ritchey Profile: Robbie Ferri - Ultra-distance Bikepacking

    Robbie Ferri - Ritchey Outback

    We're happy to introduce...and support...Robbie Ferri - an international ultra-distance bikepacking pro and Shimano ambassador. As we go to press with this blog post, Robbie is building up his new Outback. Read this interview to learn more about Robbie.

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  4. Surviving the Loneliness

    Surviving the lonliness in Northern California

    Amid the terrifying worldwide health crisis, our writer offers a deeply introspective and personal piece proving how adventure can be found within ourselves while also cycling on the open roads and trails.

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  5. Getting Punched in the Mouth by a Volcano

    Cycling up a Volcano

    Klaus decides to tackle the long trek up the Big Island of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea. It's 42 miles long and has over 14,000 feet in elevation. Read about this humbling epic cycling experience in Klaus' own words.

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  6. A Big Dumb Ridiculous Ride, or How to Ride a Bike Further Than You Should

    A Big Dumb Ridiculous Ride, or How to Ride a Bike Further Than You Should

    For the past 5 years, as long as we have been a team, we make our way to the Northern tip of California's Central Valley to ride Highway 36 from the town of Red Bluff to coastal Fortuna and back over a weekend. Seemingly a straight shot on paper, the ride is anything but simple. Cresting two major passes along the undulating rural highway, the ride is often a mediation on our strengths and weaknesses.

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  7. Interview: Thomas Frischknecht

    Interview: Thomas Frischknecht

    Thomas Frischknecht on “Frischi,” losing to cheaters, how he scouts talent, his Olympic predictions, and about a relationship with Ritchey that’s lasted 30 years.

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  8. How and when to ride in your bicycle the dark

    How and when to ride in your bicycle the dark

    While you might be enjoying that extra hour of sleep now that the clocks have changed, you might lament the sun's escape a bit earlier in the day. Not happy with less riding time? Well, darkness shouldn’t extinguish your cycling routine! Here are some tips and ideas about riding at night!

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  9. The Folding Tales: Cycling Taiwan - Parts 1 & 2

    The Folding Tales: Cycling Taiwan - Parts 1 & 2

    The cast of Folding Tales is back with the sights, narrative and maps of their travels aboard Ritchey Break-Away bikes as they wind through Taiwan. We also get to see how they pack their Break-Aways with a practical how-to.

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  10. Tech Talk: Ritchey Zeta Wheel System

    Building upon the legendary bicycle wheel-building and -design heritage of Ritchey, the WCS Zeta wheels offer modern features that allow them to perform gracefully in variety of ride settings. In this video, Fergus walks us through all of the features of the Zeta wheels.

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