Looking back, it’s hard to imagine life without my Ritchey Break-Away. As a manager in a high-tech firm, I’ve dragged it literally around the world and to 3 continents in the 3+ years I’ve owned it. It’s made my hectic business travel schedule tolerable —heck, even enjoyable – and I’ve ridden in places I never even knew existed. I’ll never forget some of the experiences I’ve had on my Ritchey: exploring narrow mountain roads on Japan’s Kyushu Island, riding a century through the former East Germany, watching the sun set from atop Mount Hamilton, CA, blasting through traffic in Tokyo and Los Angeles, even placing 3rd in an early-season road race in Oregon. It’s logged well over 125,000 airline miles and who knows how many road miles, and after 3 years and lots of abuse I’m still using the original case (though I am going to get the frame repainted this winter- the baggage handlers have not been kind!). I’ve gotten plenty of curious stares from the clerks at the baggage counter, but never once have I had to pay extra to check the luggage.

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