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  1. How to Organize a Group Ride

    How to Organize a Group Ride

    Group bike rides offer wonderful cycling experiences, the chance to bond with other cyclists, and are a great way to find new bicycle routes. You've likely ridden bikes with all sorts of groups of other people, but have you ever tried to organize your own group ride? It's easy and fun, and these guidelines for organizing a group ride for the first time will ensure everyone will have a great ride.

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  2. The New Ritchey Swiss Cross: Everything you need to know

    The New Ritchey Swiss Cross: Everything you need to know

    The Swiss Cross has been part of the Ritchey stable of bikes for 25 years, and a new version is here to satisfy all of your cyclocross and other off-road racing cravings. While the core of this legendary steel bike remains true to its roots, there's some very modern updates found on this version. Here's what you need to know about the new Ritchey Swiss Cross.

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  3. Mountain Bike Racing Tips & Winter Training Plan

    Mountain Bike Racing Tips & Winter Training Plan

    Now that we're well into the new year, with the gluttony of the holidays behind us, don't you think it's time to start your mountain bike racing training regimen? Sure, it's cold outside but winter pains equal summer gains! Check out this post for some winter MTB training tips and motivation.

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  4. Tom's Gravel Ride at Eurobike

    Tom's Gravel Ride at Eurobike

    This is the story about a beautiful multi-surface escape from the hustle and hassle of the Eurobike show floor. In August of 2017, an exclusive group of cyclists had the opportunity of a lifetime: a 30km multi-surface ride along with Tom Ritchey.

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  5. Check out what Karl Scored...

    Check out what Karl Scored...

    1984 Ritchey Team Comp with original Bullmoose! "Picked up this little gem off Craigslist today. Almost all original including the Dura Ace hubs.I cleaned it up a bit, removed the killed chain and broken front derailleur. She's almost all original. Dura Ace hubs, XT deer head shifters and derailleur. Four finger Shimano levers and twin down tube water bottle bosses.

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  6. Flashback Friday!

    Flashback Friday!

    Sterling Magnell at Mammoth National Championships 1996 on his way to a Jr National title at 13.

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  7. TR Does Aerospace!

    TR Does Aerospace!
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  8. Ritchey junior team from the 90's

    Ritchey junior team from the 90's
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  9. Into The Heart of Rwanda

    Here is the wonderful video by a Spokane filmmaker, Rajah Bose, documenting the efforts of Healing Hearts NW in Rwanda. Please visit for more info.

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  10. TR Does Eroica California

    TR Does Eroica California

    It is possible Tom’s Eroica ride started with the challenge that came about from contemplating the over exaggeration the market demands of the bicycle. Calls for stiffer bottom brackets, stiffer head tubes, stiffer front ends. The jargon of, aero wind tunnels, and carbon anything washes over the fundamental of whether or not the bike even rides well or if the rider fairs well after the ride. It’s easy to get caught up in the technological whirlwind of advancement for advancements sake when there are fundamentals deeply rooted in cycling history. At the end of the day, these desires produce a bike what rides like brick with cork tape wrapped around the ends. And that’s just it, right? What is it we ride for if not to enjoy the very element we’re immersing ourselves in when riding. For Tom, the value is if the bike can forgive the ground and terrain for fighting again the ride; it’s in the bikes compliance. If a bike can comply with the very elements it seeks to tackle. Thus, a challenge to t

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