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  1. Ritchey: Built by Legends

    Three legends, one great ride. See Tom, Frischi and Nino riding and talking about how they work together to make Ritchey components even better.

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  2. Built by Legends Teaser

    Racers like Nino are the foundation of Ritchey's greatness. See him in action here and stay tuned for the full story dropping later this week.

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  3. N1NO - the Hunt for Glory - Chapter 5 - "In Search of the Beginning"

    N1NO`s 5th chapter of his #huntforglory webisode is all about a journey to the roots of Mountain biking. The 3x MTB World Champion meets one of the Godfathers of Mountain biking, Tom Ritchey, at his home place in Skyline, Northern California. Tom Ritchey is the guy who was already racing bicycles, which we call "Mountain bikes" today, back in the 1970s on his backyard trails in the hills of Skyline and Santa Cruz. He built the first Mountain bike frame, and since those early days, every new invention has been chased by another. Over the years Tom's focus has shifted from frame building too component design, but his obsession with functional, lightweight and reliable equipment has not waivered. Many Ritchey designs and manufacturing methods have become industry standards. Mountain bike racing has always

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  4. Mission Workshop and Bike Magazine Present Ask A Founder with Tom Ritchey

    Bike Magazine and Mission Workshop present a talk with Tom Ritchey in their "Ask a Founder" series, in which they put one of mountain biking's original characters in front of a crowd for a no-holds-barred Q & A session.

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  5. Tom Ritchey: A Tribute to Jobst

    Tom Ritchey: A Tribute to Jobst

    JOBST BRANDT was 6’-5” with a voice like Darth Vader, and he was full of opinions. As a young bike racer I was at times very much influenced by the many aspects of Jobst’s personality, which was just as powerful as my own father’s influence in many ways. When you boil it down, Jobst was a tough guy. He wasn’t always an easy fellow to deal with, but he taught me some really valuable things, about cycling and about engineering…his influence on me was certainly positive. Jobst was a lifelong cyclist and a fixture in the Northern California cycling community in the transformative 1970's and 1980's. Jobst was a different sort of rider, through and through. He was the force behind these huge, unusual rides happening in Northern California. It was a small, brave and slightly crazy group of us riding road bikes up into the fire roads and cow trails of the Santa Cruz Mountains, long before mountain bikes.

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  6. The Ride with Tom Ritchey

    Take a spin with living legend Tom Ritchey on roads and trails which inspire him.

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  7. Tom and Martha Cycling in Italy and Switzerland

    Tom and Martha Cycling in Italy and Switzerland

    After visiting the Ritchey office in Lugano, Switzerland, Tom and Martha went around to the Italian side in the middle of Lake Como.

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  8. Tom and Martha at the 2014 Tour of California

    Tom and Martha at the 2014 Tour of California

    Tom and Martha had the opportunity to ride several stages of the 2014 Tour of California and visit several Ritchey sponsored teams — United Health Care Cycling Team and Team Jamis - Hagens Berman p/b Sutter Home. Check out some pics of their adventures below.

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  9. Beyond Gravel in Santa Barbara

    Beyond Gravel in Santa Barbara

    Tom just completed a ride that he’s wanted to do for years. Starting in Santa Barbara, the ride goes from Romero Trail to Camino Cielo to Gibralter. Being a typical “Tom Ritchey Route”, the terrain was rough and tough. Check out the photos of Tom and his trusty Ritchey Carbon Break-Away Bike (complete with WCS Zeta wheels and our new VectorEvo Saddle System)!

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  10. Doug Grant’s 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

    Doug Grant’s 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda

    Tom and Martha recently attended the 8th Annual 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda in Southern California. The ride promoters have raised over $120,000 for Project Rwanda this year alone!

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