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  1. Book Excerpt: Tom Ritchey, The dot connector

    Book Excerpt: Tom Ritchey, The dot connector

    From Editor’s note: The following excerpt appears in Tim Lewis’ new book, Land of Second Chances, available now from VeloPress. For more details, visit VeloPress’ website today.

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  2. BBC Outlook: Hear the extraordinary story of how Rwanda's cycling team was formed.

    BBC Outlook: Hear the extraordinary story of how Rwanda's cycling team was formed.

    Tom was recently interviewed by BBC World News as part of their “Outlook” series. The interview focuses on Team Rwanda and how the team was formed. Click here to listen. Check it out on the latter half of this episode (skip ahead to 31 minutes for Tom’s interview)

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  3. Tom and Martha Attended the Tour of California Chairmans Event

    One nice tradition of Tom and Martha's is attending the Annual Chairman's Ride and Dinner at the tail end of the Tour of California. This year they had a special treat of meeting Medal of Honor recipient, Salvatore Giunta. Salvatore was one of the guests and spoke about how important cycling is in his life and how it helped rehabilitate him after his service.

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  4. Tom Ritchey's 2013 Cape Epic Report

    Tom Ritchey's 2013 Cape Epic Report

    Tom is back from Cape Epic and shares his thoughts and experiences. In modern cycling, term “epic” gets thrown around a lot. Not every long, hard race is worthy of the term, but the Cape Epic is truly epic. Eight days. 698 kilometers (434 miles). Over 15,650 meters of climbing (51,345 vertical feet). It starts in Durbanville and finishes in Lourensford, South Africa, covering some of the roughest country in the world, and the competition is world class. Tom Ritchey has raced the Cape Epic four times, finishing as high as top 50 among the pro’s. “It’s become a meeting round. The Cape Epic has become a highly sought-after win for pro riders. Nino Schurter and Florian Vogel of the Scott-SwissPower team came here to win, and they got humbled. It’s not a normal stage race or mountain bike event…it’s the cycling equivalent of the Baja 500 or Paris Dakar, it’s challenging on a completely different level and things can go very wrong,” Ritchey said.

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  5. Cape Epic 2013 - Stage 1-5 Update from Tom

    Cape Epic 2013 - Stage 1-5 Update from Tom

    Tom Ritchey sent us a very detailed recap from the first few stages of the 2013 Cape Epic. As you may know from previous updates, Tom is partnered up with Alex Stieda. Alex was the first American to wear the Yellow Jersey during his Pro Tour days. He's finished well in many of the hardest road races around the globe, yet has little experience with Mountain Biking. Having this in mind, Tom knows Alex can endure some of the hardest suffering and chose him to partner with in confidence.

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  6. Cape Epic 2013

    Cape Epic 2013

    Tom’s teammate in the Cape epic is Tour de France legend Alex Stieda. In 1986 Stieda wore the Yellow Jersey, the climbers polka dot jersey, the multi-colored jersey, the red and white jerseys of the Tour de France. He was the first North American to lead the Tour de France. So he should be able to hang with Tom!

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  7. Racing Photos from Toms Early Days

    Racing Photos from Toms Early Days

    We recently recieved a few great photos from Tom's early racing days. We hope you enjoy them as much as Tom and all of us at the Ritchey office do.

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  8. Tom Ritchey's 40 Year Ride honored with film and fanfare

    A look at one of cycling's true pioneers

    By Sal Ruibal -- Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    Tom Ritchey celebrated his 40th year in the cycling industry Sept. 19th with a keg of beer, a crowd of admirers and a movie—created by his filmmaker son Jay—that examines the creative processes that led him to build some of the first true mountain bikes in the early 1970s in Marin County, California.

    Ritchey, now 55, stands as tall and athletic as he did in the days of klunker bikes and psychedelic music—and his dark hair has barely been touched by silver. In his company’s Interbike compound in Las Vegas, he proudly displayed his new red-white-and-blue 650b steel hardtail mountain bike next

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  9. Dino Ride 2012

    Tom does the Dino Ride every year. This year Tom and Martha attended the ride on their Tandem and had an amazing time. Some of the guys on the ride dug up these old images.

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  10. Bicycling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

    Bicycling Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

    Contributor to the Sport is a broad moniker…. But in Tom Ritchey’s case, it needs to be. It’s impossible to tell the story of Ritchey the designer & builder without also looking at Ritchey the rider, racer, and team sponsor. That’s because Tom’s success on and off the bike are tightly interwoven. His design innovations arose out of personal experience and a passion for racing. Throughout his 40 year career, everything Tom did was proven under race conditions, often by Tom himself. 

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