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  1. Original Ritchey Mountainbike

    Tom and Martha visited Naked Bicycles while on a road trip. It turns out Sam from Naked has an original Ritchey Mountainbike that is in amazing shape.

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  2. Tom and Marthas Canadian Adventure

    Tom and Martha recently got back from a beautiful road trip up to BC, Canada. They visited Naked Cycles, Fairfield Bicycle Shop, toured around with great friends and, of course, went on some excellent rides on their tandem bike.

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  3. Photos from the beginnings!

    Tom recently re-discovered a few photos...the memories run deep with these.

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  4. Revisiting Santa Barbara Back Country

    Tom and Martha recently celebrated the first day of spring with a backcountry ride-adventure on their Tandem. Tom knows this area well as it was the first race in the NORBA circuit back in 1983.  This later NORBA flyer features a photo of Tom from the first epic race where Steve Tilford won the 1st NORBA National Championship.

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  5. Tom Ritchey Interviews at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show

    Tom Ritchey was at the 2012 North American Handmade Bicycle Show in celebration of his 40th year of framebuilding along with the promotion of his new production frames.

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  6. 6 Hour Santa Barbara Backcountry Tandem Ride

    6 Hour Santa Barbara Backcountry Tandem Ride

    For many years, since the beginning of mountain biking many people see me on my road bike and they are surprised that I go the same places that they do. Even more people are surprised when they see us on a road tandem going places like this and they don’t understand how we do it. But riding a bike is riding a bike in any kind of conditions and there is no reason why if you have the right equipment, if you have the skill that you can’t ride a bike just about anywhere.

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  7. Tom Interview with Road Bike Action

    Tom Interview with Road Bike Action

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  8. Tom Featured in Velo Magazine Special Creators Section

    Tom Featured in Velo Magazine Special Creators Section

    Velo Magazine – Seven of the sport’s architects are profiled in a special “Creators” section, read the TR section here.

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  9. Tom Ritchey, In His Own Words

    Chris Kostman recently posted a great article/interview with Tom Ritchey on the RoughRider's Blog.  The article answers many questions about Tom's history of frame building (fillet-brazing & TIG welding

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  10. From Interest to Passion -- Transition to designing and building

    Tom sold his first bike in 1973 at the age16 to his best friend Donny McBride. As news and interest spread of Tom’s custom frames, demand grew from word of mouth and by his senior year in high school Tom was building 200-250 frames a year. This early experience in frame building served as an important factor in developing Tom’s passion for the sport and fostered a high regard for a craftsman’s approach to product refinement. These formative years gave Tom the opportunity to experiment with his ideas before having to consider the challenges of operating a business and earning enough to support himself.

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